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Find and learn all the information you need about Exr-IO Plugin for Adobe Photoshop.



Check out the comprehensive documentation about UV-Packer Plugins for 3ds Max and Blender.

Common Questions

Can I use Exr-IO and UV-Packer for commercial work?

You may use it for any digital art production as you like. You can install it on as many computers as you like and share it with all your friends and co-workers. We would be very happy for your support if you could send us, from time to time, your great artworks, so we promote them on our homepage and gain more attention - and ulitmatively help us develop it further.

Will updates also be free?

3d-io Gmbh offers since 2007 self-developed, commercial 3d-Plugins Unwrella, Flatiron, BonesPro to the wide spectrum of creative market participants. All our digital products are since 15 years free of subscription and update fees.
Check our 3d-Plugins in our shop: 3d-Plugins

Discounts for students and universities?

3d-io offers EDU licenses of all plugins as full versions for educational purposes to students, staff and academic institutions at a 75% discount. Educational licenses offer 75% discounts:
Bonespro: 299,00 € – 75% = 74,75 €
Unwrella: 149,00 € – 75% = 37,25 €
Flatiron: 299,00 € – 75% = 74,75 €
(excluding VAT)
Please visit Educational Submission to apply for for the discounted licenses.

Are there any video tutorials?

You can find all necessary documentation in written form on this homepage. There are also detailed video-tutorial and product presentation on our YouTube channel
3d-Plugins YouTube Channel.
If you have questions beyond the existing manuals and videos, please contact us

Any refunds?

For the commercial Plugins (Unwrella, FlatIron and BonesPro) we do not offer money refund. You can download the demo-version of those plugins, run them in your production environment and ensure the compatibility, stability and feature scope of the offered tools. Once you have sucessfully tested demo versions, you can be sure that the demo limitations (like saving) are not present in the commercial version and procede with the purchase.


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