Installation macOS

Installation macOS

Installing UV-Packer for Blender
(Intel and Sillicon)


Installation Steps

UV-Packer for Blender for macOS (Intel and Sillicon) consists of 2 components that need to be installed separately:

Step 1

The UV-Packer Blender Addon that provides the user interface in Blender

Step 2

The UV-Packer Program Installer (dmg installer) - the corresponding program that performs the packing.

Installing the Add-on

Download the add-on script from the releases page at image

Blender uses ZIP archives for installation. Please be sure to download the compressed zip archive as such, and avoid unpacking it. Some Mac browsers (Safari) tend to unpack the zip archives during the download. Only the unpacked UV-Packer zip-archive will install UV-Packer in Blender correctly. In order to retrieve the original zip archive, supress your Mac browser from unpacking it automatically after the download: In the menu bar, go Safari -> Preferences. In the “General” tab, uncheck “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading”
In Blender, open the add-ons section in preferences:
Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons
image Use the install button and select the add-on zip file you downloaded.
This will install the addon but not enable it. It will now show up in the list of installed add-ons. Use the enable checkbox to enable the UV-Packer add-on. image You can find further information about blender add-ons here:

Installing the Program

Download the UV-Packer for Blender program from the UV-Packer homepage here:
UV-Packer for Blender

Extract the downloaded zip on your harddrive. image

Go into the extracted folder and execute the “UV-Packer-Blender.dmg” image

Once the “UV-Packer-Blender.dmg” has been executed, you will find the UV-Packer-Blender App-Installer on your desktop.

Run the UV-Packer-Blender on your desktop.
It will open the UV-Packer-Blender Installer Screen:

Accessing the plug-in

To use UV-Packer in Blender make sure that the add-on is installed and enabled, otherwise UV-Packer will not show up in the user interface.

In your Layout, select an object you want to pack.

Go to UV-Edit, and in the Tab in your left sidebar you can find UV-Packer Addon.


For more information about how to use UV-Packer refer to the usage section.

Uninstalling UV-Packer

If you want to remove UV-Packer from Blender, open the add-ons section in preferences:
Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons
Open the section for the UV-Packer add-on and click the ‘Remove’ button under the add-on’s information. image This removes both the addon and the program from your Blender installation.