Changing the Keboard Shortcuts

To customize the keyboard shortcuts, navigate to the “Settings” menu. Here, you can select your preferred 3D application to simulate its viewport navigation style.

The predefined keyboard shortcuts in Packer-IO are an eclectic mix, incorporating elements familiar to artists from various applications. Some shortcuts are universal, such as:

  • CTRL+O for opening files.
  • CTRL+S for saving data.

Others are based on associations, for instance:

  • D for Dashboard or Stash.
  • O for Outliner (as in Blender) or Manager.
  • S for Show UV Seams.

However, all these shortcuts are easily customizable to suit the user’s preferences and habits.

For modifying keyboard shortcuts for various actions such as importing objects, saving, toggling wireframe or seam overlays, etc., simply click on the button displaying the current shortcut. Then, press the key you wish to assign as the new shortcut. This change is immediate and will be saved as the default shortcut for future use.

A detailed explanation of this interface module is available at: