Adjusting UV Channels

Adjusting UV Channels

Copy & Swap UV Channels

Copying or swapping UV Channels in Packer-IO is a straightforward process, designed to be intuitive and efficient. This functionality is particularly useful when you need to duplicate or exchange UV mapping data between different channels. Packer-IO Window and Object To copy or swap UV Channels, follow these simple steps:

Initiate the Process:

Begin by locating the UV Channel icon in the UV Channel Sidebar. Click and hold this icon to ‘grab’ it.

Drag to Desired Slot:

With the UV Channel icon grabbed, drag it towards another UV Slot. As you hover over a different slot, you’ll notice that the slot divides into a horizontal split area, presenting you with two options: ‘Copy’ and ‘Swap.’


If you choose ‘Copy,’ the UV data from the channel you’re dragging will be duplicated into the target slot. This action overwrites any existing data in that slot with the new copied data. It’s a useful feature when you want to replicate UV mapping data across multiple channels without altering the original.


Selecting ‘Swap’ will interchange the UV data between the dragged channel and the target slot. This action is beneficial when you want to reorganize or reorder your UV Channels without the need to manually redo the UV mapping.

This drag-and-drop mechanism in Packer-IO makes managing UV Channels efficient, allowing you to quickly modify and optimize your UV mapping setup as per your project requirements.

Delete UV Channels

To delete a UV Channel in Packer-IO, simply click the Trash Icon on the right side of the interface. Packer-IO Window and Object

Rename UV Channels

To rename a UV Channel in Packer-IO, click on the text field located above the UV Slot and enter the new name you desire. Packer-IO Window and Object

If you rename a UV Channel while no object is selected or multiple objects are selected, the new UV name will apply to all sub-object UV names. This feature allows for the simultaneous renaming of multiple assets. However, you can also select any specific object in the scene at any time and enter a new UV name exclusively for that selected object.