Packing Settings

Packing Settings

Extra Settings Overview

Packer-IO Window and Object

Texture Size

  • Texture Size serves as a reference for determining padding distance and for rendering the preview.
  • The Efficient and High Quality pack modes do not consider the texture size for their operation.


  • Specifies the distance between charts within the texture.
  • Relation to Texture Size: Padding is relative to the selected texture size. For example, a padding of 2 at a texture size of 1024 x 1024 is equivalent to a padding of 4 at 2048 x 2048.


  • This feature rotates each chart to an optimal starting orientation before packing.
  • Independence from Other Rotations: Pre-Rotate functions independently of additional rotation options provided below and will execute even if other rotation settings are disabled.


The “Combine” option in Packer-IO plays a crucial role in determining the approach to UV packing when the tool is applied to multiple objects simultaneously.

Functionality of Combine:

  • Enabled: When the Combine option is activated, Packer-IO treats the UV charts of all selected objects as a unified set. This means that the charts from different objects are packed together into the same UV space. The primary advantage of this approach is that it allows multiple objects to share a single texture map, optimizing texture usage and consistency across objects. Disabled: If the Combine option is turned off, each object is treated independently in the UV packing process. In this scenario, Packer-IO ensures that the packing of one object’s UV charts does not influence or alter the chart placements of another object. This results in each object receiving its unique UV packing, which is particularly useful when individual textures or distinct UV layouts are required for each object.

Application Scenarios:

  • When to Enable: Combining is most effective when working on projects where texture uniformity across multiple objects is desired, or when aiming to minimize the number of texture maps used in a scene.
  • When to Disable: Disabling this feature is advantageous in scenarios where objects need to maintain separate textures or when specific UV layouts are required for individual objects, such as in cases where objects have varying levels of detail or receive different shading treatments.
  • ℹ️
    If nothing is selected (default), Packer-IO will pack all UVs of all objects in a single sheet.

Rescale UV Charts

  • Functionality: When enabled, this option adjusts the scale of individual UV charts based on the mesh surface area they cover, promoting more uniform pixel distribution across the mesh.
  • Chart Size Maintenance: If disabled, all charts retain their original sizes post-packing.

Full Rotation (Ø)

  • Default Behavior: By default, rotations exclude exact 180° alternatives to minimize calculation time, as these orientations typically offer minimal quality improvement.
  • Enabling Full Rotation: Activating this option allows for full-circle rotations, potentially enhancing result quality but with a significant impact on performance.