Installation Windows

Installation Windows


Installing UV-Packer for Blender (Windows)

UV-Packer for Blender consists of 2 components that need to be installed separately:

  1. The UV-Packer Blender Addon that provides the user interface in Blender
  2. The UV-Packer Program (exe) - the corresponding program that performs the packing.

Installing the Add-on

Download the add-on script from the releases page at In Blender, open the add-ons section in preferences: Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons Use the install button and select the add-on zip file you downloaded. This will install the addon but not enable it. It will now show up in the list of installed add-ons. Use the enable checkbox to enable the UV-Packer add-on.

You can find further information about blender add-ons here:

Installing the Program

Download the UV-Packer for Blender program from the UV-Packer homepage here:
UV-Packer for Blender

Extract the downloaded zip file into the directory of the add-on you installed in step 1 above.

You can find the path where the add-on is installed by checking the add-on details in the add-on section of Blender’s preferences:
“Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons”

The “File:” entry points to the script. Put the program into the same directory.


Example of correct UV-Packer installation showing the default installation path in Windows.

Once the program is in the addon’s directory you can use UV-Packer from inside Blender.

Accessing the plug-in

To use UV-Packer in Blender make sure that the add-on is installed and enabled, otherwise UV-Packer will not show up in the user interface.

You can find UV-Packer as a tab in the sidebar of Blender’s UV Editor.


For more information about how to use UV-Packer refer to the usage section.

Uninstalling UV-Packer

If you want to remove UV-Packer from Blender, open the add-ons section in preferences: Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons Open the section for the UV-Packer add-on and click the ‘Remove’ button under the add-on’s information.

This removes both the addon and the program from your Blender installation.