Packer-IO is a free stand-alone App for fast and automatic packing of UV Maps.
It is a one-click answer to the laborious work of sorting and compressing unwrapped polygons into UV sheets. Packer-IO Window and Object Packer-IO is designed with clear purpose and value proposition that resonates with artists and meets their production needs.

Unique Features of Packer-IO are:

UV-Map Packing

Packer-IO is a free, fast, and precise app designed to simplify your UV packing workflow. With its one-click functionality, it effortlessly packs UV clusters, eliminating the tedious task of manually organizing unwrapped polygons. Ideal for 3D artists and modelers, Packer-IO streamlines your process, saving time and enhancing texture quality.

Transform your UV mapping experience with Packer-IO – where efficiency meets innovation and easy-to-use user interface!


The first rule of determining a good UV packing is how much UV area was left uncovered.
The more space is wasted, the worse is the texture quality of the model.

Packer-IO comes with unique, sophisticated methods of packing to maximally reduce off-cuts and eliminate unused UV space. The advantage of Packer-IO is the precise assessment of padding values. The space between UV clusters is calculated correctly and exactly distributed over all charts, creating equal distances between all UV clusters.


There are not many tools on the market that can compete with UV-Packer in terms of speed. Packer-IO is unrivaled when it comes to packing thousands of clusters and millions of polygons. This makes it an ideal choice for artists and developers in the current CG era, where massive geometries dictate the production value.

UV-Map Management

Packer-IO stands out with its unique UI and UX, offering artists unparalleled control and ease in UV mapping. This tool goes beyond optimal UV packing; it empowers you to effortlessly organize, copy, swap, rename, and delete UVs in ways no other application can.

Desinged for viewing and converting

Packer-IO, a free stand-alone application available for both Windows and MacOS, redefines efficiency in 3D object management. It’s the perfect tool for quickly importing, previewing, and exporting 3D objects. With Packer-IO, you can effortlessly visualize your assets, inspect UVs, and apply stunning shaders to your models for a polished look. This application streamlines your workflow, ensuring your 3D objects are ready and optimized for the next stages of production. Packer-IO is more than just a UV mapper; it’s an essential part of your 3D toolkit.

Intuitive UX/UI

The primary goal was to create a user-friendly interface, user experience, and production workflow. UV-Packing is not an art form; it’s a mechanized task. Contrary to the belief that it’s a highly esteemed skill, here’s the truth: UV creation is the sole disruptive factor between your creative modeling and texturing. Utilize the powerful hardware at your disposal to streamline this process!


Packer-IO is completely free for commercial, private, and educational use. You can use both the software and its generated results without any limitations for any type of 3D input or output production.