Packer-IO features a dedicated object manager, enabling users to efficiently view and manage objects within the scene. Manager With the Manager, users can:

  • View a comprehensive list of all objects
  • Hide or unhide objects as needed
  • Precisely select specific object(s) for UV packing
  • Create distinct visual groups of objects for organized, compound packing

Manager Interaction

Select / Deselect objects

To select objects in the Manager, simply click on the name block. To deselect objects, CTRL+Click on the highlighted object name, or simply click anywhere in the empty viewport.
To select multiple objects, hold the SHIFT key while clicking on the objects.

Show / Hide objects

To hide or show objects, click on the small eye visibility icon. Its appearance, whether faded or opaque, indicates whether the object is currently visible or invisible.

All invisible objects are excluded from the packing process by the engine! This feature allows users to selectively omit objects from being packed by simply making them invisible.

Group Objects

To group objects in Packer-IO, start by selecting one or more objects. Then, click and hold on the selected object’s name block and drag it onto the name of another object. This action groups the selected objects under the main object, visually represented in an indented hierarchy tree.

Ungroup Objects

If you wish to ungroup objects, click and drag the selected object’s name block out of its current position in the hierarchy list, moving it to the top level of the tree.

It’s important to note that this grouping hierarchy is a feature specific to Packer-IO for organizational purposes. It does not alter the actual structure in the main scene and is not reflected when saving your project. The primary function of this feature is to provide visual assistance within Packer-IO, allowing you to manage and organize long lists of object names efficiently. It enables you to quickly group multiple objects, visually streamline your list, and, with a single click, hide all grouped objects from both the viewport and the UV packing process.

Interface Elements


At the bottom of the Manager UI, you’ll find several tools designed to help you efficiently locate and organize your objects:

  • Search Field: This feature allows you to filter and find objects quickly by typing their names into the search field. It’s a convenient way to navigate through numerous objects.
  • Invert Selection: With a simple click, this function inverses your current selection. If you’ve selected certain objects, clicking this will deselect them and select all others, and vice versa.
  • Sort Object Names: This option lets you organize the object names listed in the widget either in ascending or descending order. It’s a handy tool for when you need to systematically view your objects.