Installing UV-Packer for Autodesk 3ds Max

Official Installer download
UV-Packer supports Autodesk 3ds Max 2015-2023. Download it from:
UV-Packer Installers

Workstation Installation

To install UV-Packer on a machine, download the UV-Packer from the homepage. Execute the installer and it will put all required files automatically into their corresponding default directories.

Network Render Installation

Network rendering requires that the plug-in is installed on all machines that are participating in the rendering if the UV-Packer modifier is present on objects.

Accessing the plug-in

After installation you can find UV-Packer in the modifier stack tab of the command panel.

Manual installation

Alternatively there may be cases you want to manually copy the existing UV-Packer plugin from another, existing 3ds-Max installation or from another computer to your current working version. In this case, you can manually copy the installed “UV-Packer.dlm” plugin to another computers plugin folder. In order to do it, please locate the installed plugin in an existing Autodesk 3ds Max installation (path: \Autodesk\3ds Max 2019\Plugins). Copy this “UV-Packer.dlm” to the new location. Since the plugin is not installed using the installer, if you want to remove it, you need to delete it manually from this location.

Beware: if you are installing UV-Packer manually, you must consider the correct Autodesk 3ds Max version! Each version of UV-Packer is created explicitly for its corrensponding Autodesk 3ds Max version: mixing different vesions will lead to incompatibilities.
E.g.: “UV-Packer.dlm” version from 3ds Max 2018 will not work in 3ds Max 2022

Silent Installation

The UV-Packer installer supports the following command line switches for silent installation without a graphical user interface:


Initiates silent installation mode. If this flag is omitted the installer will run with a window.

By default the plugin is installed for all found installations of 3ds Max. Use the following switches to prevent installation for specific components:


Omit installation of the plugin for 3ds Max 2020.


Omit installation of the plugin for 3ds Max 2021.


Omit installation of the plugin for 3ds Max 2022.